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Flexigel NZ by AH Beard



The gel advantage

Used by hospitals worldwide for its pressure-relieving qualities, gel technology has been applied to the FlexGel range to intuitively adapt to the body’s weight as you sleep – meaning less pressure on joints, bones and muscles. With increased transpiration and breathability, this is the technologically advanced sleep your body has been waiting for.

Temperature neutral

Whether you’re overly hot or too cold, a temperature-varied sleep makes for an uncomfortable night. FlexGel uses unique adaptive fabrics that actively insulate against temperature and combat sweating and chills for a perfect, temperature-neutral sleep.

Perfect for partners

FlexGel continuously supports your body and contours to its needs by adapting to your body’s weight distribution throughout the night. That means any moves you make won’t be felt on your partner’s side of the bed. Think of it as a kind of relationship insurance. By promoting better partner health, we earned the National Asthma Council of Australia’s Sensitive Choice seal.

Extra-kind to the senses

The use of hypoallergenic cellular materials in FlexGel is great news for allergy sufferers – and those conscientious about keeping allergens to a minimum. So apart from increasing your comfort, FlexGel ensures you’ll breathe easy as well.

From our bedding guru.

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