IMG for stunning craftsmanship and style

Within every chair and sofa — you will discover our passion for excellence. By excellence we mean craftsmanship coupled with body correct comfort.

We start by designing all of our seating from the inside-out. In doing so we artfully combine the science of ergonomics with state-of-the-art technology combined with old-world craftsmanship. This technology includes our unique mechanisms, cold-cured molded foam, lamination and distinctive designed inner steel frames.

All IMG materials are selected to ensure optimum performance. Each material has been individually assessed to provide the correct style and comfort for each model. Our skilled team utilizing specialized equipment in combination of years of experience to secure the best outcome.

We show great respect for good craftsmanship and leave our mark on every single piece of furniture – of the person who last handled it. This mark is the fingerprint of a proud producer and is also your guarantee that the furniture from IMG is built to last.

The human body is the pattern for every piece of our furniture. We study the human body so we can develop and deliver furniture for daily use that balances creative design with comfort, health, ergonomics and space efficiency.

The IMG Design Centre is located in Sykkylven at the northwest coast of Norway and our products are designed from the inside out by our team of Norwegian designers and engineers. Strength, durability, stability, effortless function, beauty and lasting healthy comfort are the guiding star for all our products.

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