The IMG Design Centre is located in Sykkylven, Norway and the products are designed by a team of Norwegian designers and engineers who for decades have created furniture according to the virtues of strength, durability, stability, effortless function, beauty and most importantly lasting healthy comfort. The designers have studied the human body so they could develop and deliver furniture that is easy to live with, that balances creative design with comfort, as well as health, thoughtful ergonomics and space efficiency.

Nordic 91
Nordic 66
Nordic 93
Nordic 38
Scandi 1300
Scandi 1000
Scandi 1100
Scandi 1200
Scandi 1400
Space 3400
Space 5000
Space 3600 power
Space 4100

Relaxer recliner range

Manual relaxers are sure to live up to their name, providing you with all you need to relax in one neat, space-efficient package. Quality design and comfort go hand-in-hand throughout our relaxer range, thanks to Norwegian craftsmanship and only the most advanced technology. With the IMG swivel feature, you’ll never miss a moment as the relaxers allow you to rotate your position in any direction. With unique comfort-precision headrests allow you to adjust the headrest to support your head and neck- whether you are reading, watching TV or snoozing.  In addition to these features, the higher-grade foam will ensure comfort which lasts- adapting to your natural body shape allowing you to sit comfortably for longer.

Peak relaxer
Monza relaxer
Laguna relaxer
Boss relaxer
Paradise relaxer
Avant relaxer

Lift chair range.

Safe and practical, our luxurious Lift Relaxers are perfect in providing valuable added support. The Lift Relaxers allow you to transition from seating to standing, and vice versa at the touch of a button. Simply using the remote control, the chair will gently elevate you to a standing position when you wish to stand.

Peak lift chair
Amanda lift chair
Boss lift chair
Laguna lift chair
Paradise lift chair
Avant lift chair